Rhythm Clocks

Posted on September 18 2009 by admin

Rhythm Clocks are the “Magic Motion” clocks that play songs hourly while the clock face splits apart and dazzles onlookers.  Have you seen them yet?  Their popularity continues to grow as they have recently added authentically sounding Westminster chimes to their original offerings of country, classical, Christmas, or popular music, and now, Beatles songs.  They are battery operated, but the sound is pure symphony!  On the hour, the clock plays a song or chime with tones so sweet they never intrude.  These are quality clocks.  Many have wood cabinets and highly engineered mechanisms which display quality Swarovski crystals to catch the light and enhance the design.  There are table top versions, wall mounted, and floor standing clocks as well.    Our pricing on these clocks is sure to please, too, for we will not be undersold!  We now have Rhythm’s Alarm Clocks.  Be sure to check out their features.  Many of our out of town customers are pleased to know that we will ship their selection back home for them.  We make love at first sight (and sound) a little easier! 

Six different popular songs and three Christmas songs.

It plays six popular songs and three Christmas songs.


A wall of Rhythm in our store.