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We are Decor and Gifts:

  •  Let’s create a “Recipe” for decorating success: Enjoy elements of fine decor with an accent towards a stylish lifestyle. Infuse the home with distinctive florals and art that captures the imagination. Add ambiance with soothing candles. Reflect your good taste with mirrors that play with the light, reflecting the feeling and your sunny disposition.  Sprinkle in pillows.  Play with lamps to lighten and heighten. Echo nature with sculpture and whimsy. Mix in metallics, warm bronze, cool silver. Results: You have a home that says who you are. Your world is complete.  


  • For the gift that says “You’re special!”  After browsing for the perfect gift, allow us to makes your presentation breath-takingly beautiful.  Our pride is in knowing that you are humble yet confident when the gift is offered.  Our gifts are known throughout our community because we use beautiful satin gold boxes, lined with red tissue, tied with a big bow of wired ribbon.  The wrapping is our gift to you, our loyal customer.  To you we owe many heartfelt thanks.  
    Our gift to you

    Our Gift to You!


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